Courtesan Fees and Gifts, Luxury Companion Honorariums,

Packages, and Special Offerings
Including Patronage & A Gratis Journey


Courtesan fees and gifts or “how to be a loyal patron of an upscale escort” can be a delicate topic. I hope I’ve made it easy and straightforward by giving plenty of options and information. In this way, any awkwardness is removed from our interaction and we can just focus on your relaxation and enjoyment.

Please see my terms and conditions below to understand how even more comfort and discretion can be built into any of our arrangements.

FMTY indicates “Fly Me To You,” and “YFTM” indicates “You Fly To Me” (for first time intro if you travel to my location which is a 3 hour flight from London). In both cases, you shall provide the accommodations as I do not offer visits at my private residence. As our relationship progresses, that may become a delightful possibility as my city has some wonderful sensual and exotic adventures and ways to “get away from it all.”

As you may intuit from viewing my offerings below…In the beginning, making my acquaintance is a bit more dear…But after some bonding over our shorter initial Introduction Rendezvous, I offer more generous Multi-Hour Options to a sincere gentleman keen to bask in Longer-Term Companionship.

Later, I would love to Thank You For Your Loyalty by accompanying you (without an honorarium) on a wellness journey that would benefit us both—health, body, mind and soul.


Rendezvous in NYC

until evening of June 14, 2024

NYC Introduction Visit to My Location Upper East Side = 1,000 Roses for an unrushed 2 hour Incall Intro at My Location (includes half-hour meet/greet/pre-screen + 1.5 hours of Private Time)

1.5 Hour First Intro Meeting = 800 Roses

1 Hour Repeat Visit = 600 Roses or 2 Hours = 800

Outcall to your Manhattan Hotel or Residence – 1,200 for 2 Hours including half hour public meet/greet. (1,000 if I know and love you).

Near Suburb Outcall 2-Hour Visit is 1400 + Uber Transport supplement requested for near suburbs, etc.

NYC Platonic Option: $500 (+ transport) for 1.5 hours of Lunch or Dinner together in Manhattan. Does not require extensive pre-screening. Can be extended to private time Intro if we are both available. + Transport supplement if needed.


Brunch, Lunch or Tea Time Introduction in EU/UK
$2000 FMTY/$1500 YFTM

Possibly our first delightful meeting in the EU/UK or my location! 6 Hours of Intro over breakfast, lunch or high tea. Followed by a leisurely, lovely “dessert” or if you are coy and prefer a concert, walk or event…all before dark. Just our intro and can be extended to another rendezvous same day—like Dinner and Overnight (see below)!


Dinner and Overnight
$3000 FMTY/$2500 YFTM

Possibly our first delightful extended meeting of 12 hours. Meeting early evening, this is an opportunity to enjoy leisurely cocktails, a delicious culinary adventure, perhaps an event and to retire together for our private pajama party with my early a.m. departure…


Hide Away or Go Out and Play With Me

Meeting at the time of your choosing, let’s bask in a full 24 hours of leisurely private time possibly punctuated by meals out, events, strolls or whatever your heart desires or your mind can conjure up for our mutual enjoyment.


Mini-Moon 2-Day FunFest

For 48 hours, shall we bask in our sapio and sensual companionship across two days of unrushed, focused enjoyment and amusement? Let’s lock your phone in the safe and… 🙂


3 Day Country or City Break

I just love the gorgeous country house hotels. And I adore the luxury city hotels or intimate inns. As long as you are accompanying me for 72 hours of long walks, perhaps a special event, fine dining, and copious cuddles…I’m in!


5 Full Days of Pleasurable Company

If you could spend 5 days either getting pampered in a serious spa…OR doing/eating/enjoying all your favorite activities/sports/other diversions in your fav city…Wouldn’t it naturally follow that you seek a worthy partner in “crime”? Let the spa decadence or city naughtiness begin!


Seven Days of Smiles

How much pleasure, enjoyment, fun, exploration (or relaxation) and companionship can one man fit into 7 days? I invite you to find out by choosing a destination of your dreams and then letting your colorful story unfold…hopefully with me arriving as your leading Lovely Lady…


Ten Full and Flirty Days

Ten days means enough time to settle in to an exotic destination, or to just while away your days closer to home. It can mean the ultimate getting away from it all. There’s space and ease to your days, your mindset. Is there the desire to welcome a Lovely Lady into your adventure (and your hammock)?


Bespoke Arrangements…

Are you planning a Grand Adventure, an Epic Journey or a Long Sabbatical? Do unique circumstances call? Like Detox, Health Care, Chemo, Weight Loss or other Life Challenge? This may be where One Lovely Lady comes in with her care, comfort, and platonic (or spicy) companionship, inspiration or coaching. Please consider how this Lovely Lady might serve you as a sweet companion.

If a focused Patronage would ever become of interest, I would be happy to discuss an exclusivity agreement that would bring you happiness…And after we’ve bonded over many rendezvous, I offer a special, health-focused “Gratis” Journey to say Thank You.


HealthSpan Patronage
* Pre-fund My annual health insurance plan: Full Coverage
* Pre-fund My Membership at Concierge Medicine: Fountain Life (USA) in the Apex Program
* Covers cost of travel to Apex (Florida) 1x per year for tests, imaging (let’s go together!) + distance follow-up bloodwork
*Purchase of annual supplements, etc.
* Must be a Trusted Patron

Patronage Details Upon Application


Capital Alchemist Patronage

*Pre-fund an investment vehicle, fund, ETF, other asset etc. chosen with your aid; Or offer mentoring/due diligence/infusion on purchase or new buildout of a cash-flowing digital asset (eCommerce or Content site or Other; I can suggest).
* Funding for any optimization of SEO, Virtual Assistance, Consulting, etc. if needed.
*Must be a Trusted Patron

Patronage Details Upon Application


Special Gratis Journey

*7-10-14 Days of Thank You Companionship
*Destination must be a serious health-and wellness-focused establishment, i.e. Hippocrates Institute, Florida; Gerson EU/Mexico; Waldhotel, Switzerland…Healing/Wellness destinations in Asia; Buchinger in EU, Rancho La Puerta (a favorite!), Miraval, etc. Please add me on your reservation with full privileges and extra treats. Travel to and from is responsibility of my patron. No companionship honorarium requested.
Trusted Patron. One Gratis Journey per Annum per Loyal Patron.

Conditions of Booking and Engaging Me On a Rendezvous

Terms and Conditions of Booking and Longer Visits
Certain Terms and Conditions Apply to Booking Me and to the Long Independent Courtesan, Travel Companion and Escort for Dinner Visits:

* I simply cannot accommodate cigarette smokers (a distant cigar is fine) nor heavy drinkers. My apologies. If it will annoy you that I don't drink alcohol (but I enjoy a great mocktail)...then please refrain from booking me.

* I am based within 3 hours flying time of most EU/UK cities. If there is to be quite long-distance travel to meet you or to travel alongside you, i.e. going to the USA, Caribbean, South Africa, etc....This will incur a higher honorarium request of +20-25%, depending on complexities. 

* When enjoying longer travel with you, I kindly request a 1-2 hour block of private time each day (during an hour convenient to you), to address any tasks related to my web-based businesses, home life, self-care, etc.

* I require at least 7 (seven) hours of uninterrupted sleep. If this request is consistently not honored, I will be forced to reconsider our relationship.

* First visits require a 100-75% deposit in advance, payable to a discreet consulting name via Paypal, Western Union, Moneygram, etc...Bank Wire Transfer, Zelle USA, or other agreed-upon modality.
* For second visits and beyond, I kindly request a 50% deposit to secure our booking...If you prefer, the remainder may be given in cash or other arrangement in person at the start of our rendezvous. I ask that you please only give currency by tucking it into a card or gift box, and leaving it in a visible place. I greatly prefer an arrangement where any mention of/transfer of my gift runs discreetly in the background of things. I prefer my honoraria never to be mentioned (or not very often, if possible).

*During a rendezvous, you will never be asked to take me out shopping, to buy me gifts or presents, to give tips, donations or assistance of any kind except perhaps to help zip up the back of my dress. :)

* Major travel expenses such as plane (First Class is not required), train, hotel stays, long taxi rides or Ubers, etc. are the responsibility of my patron. Travel costs to and from are to be paid in advance in order to secure the appointment. Travel costs/estimates may also be rounded into the overall fee advanced to me (with any overage returned to my patron; happy to provide receipts).

*Upon occasion, depending on when/where we are meeting, I may request a $200 or so surcharge to cover the cost of a modest accommodation for me overnight the evening before, to ensure that I arrive refreshed and unrushed (and on time).

*Once in our destination, I don't mind taking a bus or the Underground, if that's how you prefer to get around.
* Of course, if you should need to cancel, I will credit you until you can make new arrangements. If you cannot re-arrange, then I shall refund you any fees in their entirety, less any bank wire fees, etc.

* If for any reason, I must cancel our rendezvous and we cannot rebook or make new arrangements, I will refund you in the entirety.
* If for some reason I become ill during our visit and I'm unable to be a good companion, please forgive me in advance--I'm human! You will not be requested to cover this time nor to care for me (I will attempt to get local care or to fly home). I will return or credit you the difference of any time lost or inconvenience.

* Trust and respect for one another's time, convenience and privacy is essential in this type of relationship. I request that we both be willing to engage in pre-screening each other as much as needed to make sure both parties are 100% comfortable with planning the first visit. After meeting, we will hopefully be at ease in most matters.

* If you find yourself happily booking multiple packages/offerings several times a month and it causes you to feel uncomfortable, "overly-transactional," or it is inconvenient to execute from a banking standpoint...I'd be happy to discuss a monthly gift basket, a Patronage, or other discreet and pleasant way to give you the best of all worlds.