The Perfectly Petite and Sweet Luxury Companion

For When You’d Prefer a Mature, Lovely, Fun and Sensual Courtesan

Hello! I’m Becca.

I’m so pleased to have you here.

I'm a "Special Someone" to look forward to seeing for memorable, quality times together. I'm also that Special Someone whom you can safely tuck into your heart until the next time we meet. A spontaneous smile may cross your face often as you remember our visits fondly (just until our next deliciously pleasurable rendezvous).

I'm an American Woman of American Warmth possessing that distinctive American Spirit. I am an Expat based within 3 hours flying time of most EU/UK cities.  And available in other international locations (i.e. The USA) by special arrangement. Passport ready!

I cater to, treasure and deeply enjoy the company of an Established, Mature 40+ True Gentleman. I'm early 50's, dainty and petite, classically-styled, no tattoos, no piercings, curvy and fit.

You consider yourself an "Old-School" Romantic. You may be a very modern man technically-speaking, but hook-up apps, brief profiles, endless texting, casual online dating, and sugar daddy site meetups can make you feel a bit tawdry and mentally tired (maybe a little bored, too).

Welcome Back to the Past in MY world: when a gentleman searches out someone he feels he might have a nice connection with. He sets up a proper first introduction date with his intended courtesan in a beautiful location. He greets that adorable woman (one he's never met before and hopes to make feel secure) with a flower or a small gift. He relishes a return to a private bubble where male chivalry and graceful, gracious ladylike behavior is alive and well. He's deeply glad when conversations flow and he's found an endearing woman with whom he has things in common...

Oh, AND there's a delightful "understanding" between them. :).

You're a man who would be relieved and inspired to have a trusted, vetted Special Someone to call upon when your schedule and lifestyle permits. (And I hope you'll be my Special Someone, too). 

While you are an old-fashioned romantic, you no longer keep a team of horses at the ready in your carriage house. Now you enjoy jetting around for your world travels. You savor city, country or exotic journeys punctuated by intimate moments with your Special Someone. Home can be so nice, too, with just the right guest. 

And's just nice to tuck away into that near or far luxurious hotel suite and rest, relax, and recharge with a sincerely sweet and discreet lady focused on appreciating some of the best nuances of life with you.

While you can appreciate purely physical beauty...You're not seeking that alone. You'd gladly forego meeting a "drop-dead-beautiful kid" in order to spend time with a "perfectly-pretty, amazing mature woman." That is: IF personality, charm, sincere warmth, character and advanced sensuality are in abundance. You bask in your lady's femininity, cultivation, intelligence, authenticity, accomplishments (and her striving)...You love to taste her talents and sense her depth. 

You seek someone interesting and "real" to get to know (and for her to slowly know and appreciate YOU). 

Deep down you are not interested in an empty engagement with a vapid living doll, a quickly-adapting chameleon or a tabula rasa to project yourself upon. You want your lady to bring her one-of-a-kind mind along with a few of her quirks, the odd pecadillos, the hilarious offhand remarks, the wry observances and heartfelt sentiments. 

Reliability, trustworthiness, discretion, tact, kindness and politeness...These are the "boring" but essential qualities that I have cultivated deeply within myself...and offer to you with every gleefully-anticipated (on my part, anyway) visit.

Won't you please explore more here, view a few of my photos, my short introduction video or my secret diary photos? Please make absolute sure that I could be the right travel companion, caring courtesan, independent escort and "Special Someone" for you?

I will be so delighted to receive your inquiry. I'll be even more delighted to have the privilege to light up your life in person!

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