How to Meet A Lovely Petite Blonde Companion Courtesan,
Life and Travel Companion in Palm Beach, Florida

How To Contact Me,

& a Reminder of Terms/Conditions of Meeting & Mingling


STEP ONE: Please leave me a Voice Message Introduction on my discreet voice mailbox. No need to identify yourself by name here. But please tell me more about you: First name, home base location, age, work or retirement, hobbies, interests, and whatever else you would like to share.

If you run out of time, please call back again and continue leaving your message. I look forward to hearing from you!

If Step 1. to 3. doesn’t appeal to you, please write to me with an alternative. For example, if you prefer to email me a voice file or video/audio link, that’s wonderful as well! Video is a wonderful thing.

If screening in general is out of the question for you because you operate at a heightened sense of privacy and security…Then my only workaround is that we have some phone conversations, get comfortable with each other… and you may forward my fees in their entirety well in advance of our time together. We would make arrangements to meet in a delightful public place for a multi-hour rendezvous where a more in-person screening would occur (with my option open not to continue the date with you).

If I am not comfortable to continue with your inquiry, I will email you a single rose 🌹 in the subject line and/or body of the email.

Please be sure to save my contact information below in a safe place, in case you are ever unable to access this website. 🙂

Alternatively, you can use the Reverb App to create your voice message and send me a link to listen to it, in case you don’t wish to call my voice mail box below. More info:

My Voice Mail Number is USA: + 561-868-2057

One-Lovely-Lady Courtesan-Voice-Mail

STEP 2. Please send me an Email Introduction to follow up on your voice mail info (and OK to repeat any details). Please use the name you used on the voice mail, so I can associate your voice mail to the email. Please let me know your full name if possible (as it would appear on your ID).

Please share any screening details/links/professional bios, etc. Anything that would help me feel more comfortable that you are who you say you are. Please share where you may like to meet and what Rendezvous (of my selections) is your favorite choice for our first meeting.

p.s. Finally, let me know the best, discreet way to get back in touch with you.

Please note: if you fail to use my name in the salutation of your email, I consider this a bad omen. Why can’t someone be bothered to Typically I will never respond to such a person.

If I am interested in discussing more, I will be back in touch within 24 hours. If you need an urgent answer back if scheduling your travel, please note that in the email.

If I am not comfortable to continue with your inquiry after your voice mail/email, I will email you a single rose 🌹in the subject line and/or body of the email.

Please be sure to save my contact information below in a safe place, in case you are ever unable to access this website. 🙂

My Email Address is: [email protected]

One-Lovely-Lady Courtesan-Email

STEP 3. We shall jointly decide on our next move in terms of screening when/if more information is needed (by email or if you wish me to call or message you).

If you/I would like to set up a Video Chat or a Live Telephone Call…this can all be handled. I usually prefer to just meet in person first at the time of our rendezvous.

At this juncture, we may start discussing when/where we shall meet, and how to finalize your booking.

Once your booking is finalized, we will both look forward to it!

Please remember to be as discreet as possible in all our communications, without referring to anything of an intimate or sexy nature.

If after a video or phone chat, something made me uncomfortable, I will not continue with the booking and email you a single rose 🌹 in the subject line and/or body of the email (& you may do the same for me as well).

Terms and Conditions of Booking and Longer Visits
Certain Terms and Conditions Apply to Booking Me for the Petite Blonde Companion, Independent Courtesan, Escort for Dinner and Travel Companion Rendezvous:

* I simply cannot accommodate cigarette smokers (a distant cigar is fine) nor heavy drinkers. My apologies. If it will annoy you that I don't drink alcohol (but I enjoy a great mocktail)...then please refrain from booking me.

* For times when I'm outside the USA, I am based within 3 hours flying time of most EU/UK cities. If there is to be quite long-distance travel to meet you or to travel alongside you, i.e. going to the USA, Caribbean, South Africa, etc....This will incur a higher honorarium request of +20-25%, depending on complexities.

*In Florida, your distance from West Palm Beach will determine some of our arrangements and associated fees or added gift request for my time/transport in making my way to you.

* When enjoying longer travel with you (i.e. multi-day), I kindly request a 1-2 hour block of private time each day (during an hour convenient to you), to address any tasks related to my web-based businesses, home life, self-care, etc.

* I require at least 7 (seven) hours of uninterrupted sleep. If this request is consistently not honored, I will be forced to reconsider our relationship.

* First visits for travel to you (Florida is negotiable) require a 100-75% deposit in advance, payable to a discreet consulting name via Paypal, Western Union, Moneygram, etc...Bank Wire Transfer, Zelle USA, or other agreed-upon modality.

* For second visits and beyond, I kindly request a 50% deposit to secure our booking...If you prefer, the remainder may be given in cash or other arrangement in person at the start of our rendezvous. I ask that you please only give currency by tucking it into a card or gift box, and leaving it in a visible place. I greatly prefer an arrangement where any mention of/transfer of my gift runs discreetly in the background of things. I prefer my honoraria never to be mentioned (or not very often, if possible).

*During a rendezvous, you will never be asked to take me out shopping, to buy me gifts or presents, to give tips, donations or assistance of any kind except perhaps to help zip up the back of my dress. :)

* Major travel expenses such as plane (First Class is not required), train, hotel stays, long taxi rides or Ubers, etc. are the responsibility of my patron. Travel costs to and from are to be paid in advance in order to secure the appointment. Travel costs/estimates may also be rounded into the overall fee advanced to me (with any overage returned to my patron; happy to provide receipts).

*Upon occasion, depending on when/where we are meeting, I may request a $200 or so surcharge to cover the cost of a modest accommodation for me overnight the evening before, to ensure that I arrive refreshed and unrushed (and on time).

*Once in our destination, I don't mind taking a bus or the Underground, if that's how you prefer to get around.

* Of course, if you should need to cancel, I will credit you until you can make new arrangements. If you cannot re-arrange, then I shall refund you any fees in their entirety, less any bank wire fees, etc.

* If for any reason, I must cancel our rendezvous and we cannot rebook or make new arrangements, I will refund you in the entirety.

* If for some reason I become ill during our visit and I'm unable to be a good companion, please forgive me in advance--I'm human! You will not be requested to cover this time nor to care for me (I will attempt to get local care or to fly home). I will return or credit you the difference of any time lost or inconvenience.

* Trust and respect for one another's time, convenience and privacy is essential in this type of relationship. I request that we both be willing to engage in pre-screening each other as much as needed to make sure both parties are 100% comfortable with planning the first visit. After meeting, we will hopefully be at ease in most matters.

* If you find yourself happily booking multiple packages/offerings several times a month and it causes you to feel uncomfortable, "overly-transactional," or it is inconvenient to execute from a banking standpoint...I'd be happy to discuss a monthly gift basket, a Patronage, or other discreet and pleasant way to give you the best of all worlds.

How To Contact Your One Lovely Lady

Please be sure to save my contact information below in a safe place, in case you are ever unable to access this website. 🙂